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Character Education

Character education has a prominent role in the lives of young children. Through an infusion of character education, Malta Avenue students engage in a multitude of activities to promote acts of kindness, good citizenship and tasks that develop skills and strategies to become good problem solvers. All students will recognize the worth, quality, and importance of themselves, other people and their community.

On the left is more information on how integrated character education is within our school community and curriculum.

The Character Education Committee encourages all stakeholders to practice and teach The Malta Way - Being proud of who you are on the inside and how you show it on the outside. We ask ourselves the three core questions that help us succeed. Am I being my best for myself, am I being my best for my school, am I being my best for my family?

Character Education Themes

September- Citizenship - Do your share. Do your part to make your school and community better. Treat everyone equally - work well with others - stay informed - vote - be a good neighbor - obey laws and rules.

October- Fairness - Play by the rules - take turns and share - be open-minded - listen to others - treat people fairly - fairness is not always equal

November- Responsibility - do what you are supposed to do- plan ahead. Do your best - show self-control. Think before you act - be accountable - set a good example.

December- Generosity - The willingness to help others. - kindness - helpful - giving - unselfishness - charity - big heartedness

January- Respect - Treating people the way you want to be treated.

February- Caring - kind - concern for others - thoughtful - understanding - compassionate - sympathetic - considerate - forgive others - help people in need

March- Perseverance - stamina - continuing to do your best even when something is difficult - staying power - persistence with a purpose - determination

April- Trustworthiness- be honest - be reliable, do what you say you'll do - be loyal, stand by your family, friends and community - truthful - worthy of trust - faithful

May- Friendship - understanding - loyal - kindness - supportive - helpful - loving - acceptance - companionship - buddy - pal

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